Aero - Aeronautics and Aviation

So You Want to be a Pilot Interested in aviation? Check this overview of getting a pilot's license with links to helpful sites to get you there.
Young Eagles The Young Eagles is a program created by the Experimental Aircraft Association designed to give children between the ages of 8 and 17 an opportunity to experience flight in a general aviation airplane while educating them about aviation. The program is offered free of charge with costs covered by the volunteers. It was launched in 1992 and, by 2016, has flown more than 2 million children in 90 countries.
Fly & Bike For those of you with foldup bicycles, check these places to fly and bike. Some may be of interest for short hikes as well. View the list three ways:
  • Listing by State
  • Google Map of Trails
  • Google Earth kml file
  • Bruce's Airports Destination List Looking for a place to fly this weekend? Just flying through on a cross-country? This list of airports in and near Ohio will keep you busy for quite some time.
    AirGo You may find this handy general aviation stopover finder. It's a collection of restaurant, on and off-field, interesting attractions, and nearby hiking/biking trails.
    You can also open up my files in Google Earth using these kml files. Download, then click to use.
    AirGo.kml - All airports of interest
    AirGoR.kml - Restaurants
    AirGoT.kml - Nearby bike trails
    A 2007 trip West Follow a flight west to the Rockies and Grand Canyon.
    A 2021 trip West Colorado Springs, Leadville, Grand Canyon, Dodge City.
    1947 Airshow These slides are from the 1947 Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Airshow. A friend of mine found this set of slides. I digitized these for more people to enjoy.
    Passenger Briefing Provide your passengers with an airline style briefing card. Modify this PowerPoint file for your aircraft to comply with 14CFR91.519. I use it for all my Young Eagle flights.
    iPad Cooling Fan Keep your iPad cooler during those hot summer flights. Here's a DIY approach to making your own cooling fan..
    Operating Log This is a sample log sheet for operating hours, fuel gallons and cost to keep track of last top off, oil change dates, recording EGT/CHT readings, Datacard versions, and VOR Check per 14CFR91.171.
    vCheck Build a voice checklist for your aircraft. Step through your checklists with the push of a button.
    My NASA Aviation Day Video