CAP - Civil Air Patrol

What is Civil Air Patrol?
jokingly referred to as the nation's best kept secret
SQTRs Interested in getting qualified in Emergency Services? Give this set of web-based Specialty Qualification Training Records (SQTRs) a try. Each of the specialties listed has a page with links to just those task IDs needed for that specialty. There's no need to page through a task guide that has tasks for all the specialties to find what you need.
CAP Unit Commanders Guide Guides and information on recurring reports, unit operations, etc.
First Flight A 3:57 video photo album of a Kitty Hawk, NC, the location of the Wright Brothers first controlled powered flight.
CAP Border Zone Map This tool for Civil Air Patrol Communications is also an example of using Google Maps tools.
ELT DF Search Try out this Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) search game to gain an understanding of using a direction finder. It simulates the same device used by CAP ground teams and some aircraft. Anyone involved in using direction finders should find this helpful.
Fly to Lunch This MS-Powerpoint presentation takes you on a cross-country flight. Learn about airport taxiway and runway markings and aeronautical sectionals. Views out the window and on the map are compared to improve your pilotage skills.
Phonetic Alphabet Alpha, Bravo, Charlie anyone?
Zulu Time An introduction to the use of Zulu time used in the military, amateur radio, and computers. (Note: This page was in the top 5 Google hits for 'Zulu' in 2002 along with 'Phonetic Alphabet' above, likely due to the TV series 24.)
Group IV Units A map of Group IV squadrons with contact and meeting night. A useful visual for recruiting events that others might want to utilize.