Arduino Intro The Arduino Microcontroller, small but Mighty, an introduction.
It All Started with a Broken Part For those of you who have not tried 3D printing you might find this interesting and a nudge to find something to try out your hidden skills.
Remote Aircraft Heater Controller This is a replacement for the 2G Hangar Heater Controller (below). This design uses LTE to let you turn on or off the block heater for your aircraft, or set a timer to turn in on.
Hangar Heater Controller This cellular controller can turn on the block heater of your aircraft in cold weather before you get to the airport. You can also hook up a thermistor, or other temperature sensor and get feedback in your SMS text. NOTE: This if for reference only, see the Remote Aircraft Heater above.
The Public Square Thing This is a link out to a YouTube video of a 1969 movie of Cleveland Public Square. It was made as part of a high school project. The original was on Super 8 film that had to be synchronized with a record player for the sound track. There was a lot of splicing and film glue involved. Eastman Kodak awarded it a Motion Picture Special Award in their 1969 High School Senior category. The quality is from the original resolution and getting it through a couple generations of video formats.