CAP SQTR Task Guides


A Specialty Qualification Training Record (SQTR) lists specific tasks that must be completed to be qualified in that specialty. There are currently 41 specialties, each with it's own SQTR. The tasks are listed in one of three Task Guides:

  1. Aircrew & Flightline
  2. Ground Team & Urban Direction Finding
  3. Mission Base Staff

Each task in these guides has a unique Task ID that is referenced in the SQTR. Completion of tasks are recorded in eServices.

Steps to Getting Qualified

List of Web-based SQTRs

You can refer to these specialty listings to get a complete list of the SQTRs and task guides for just that specialty.

FLMFlight Line Marshaller
MROMission Radio Operator
MSAMission Staff Assistant
UDFUrban Direction Finding

Bruce Bream, Lt Col, CAP
Ohio Wing/Group IV