Urban Direction Finding Team SQTR


Task IDDescription
GESGeneral Emergency Services (ES) Test (CAPT 116 in eServices Learning Management System)
Commander Approval for Prerequisites once completed

Familiarization and Preparatory Training

Task IDDescription
O-0010Prepare urban DF team individual equipment
P-0102Conduct a phone alert
Commander Approval for Familiarization and Preparatory Training once completed

Advanced Training

Task IDDescription
IS100Incident Command System Course (on-line through FEMA)
IS700Incident Command System Course (on-line through FEMA)
L-0001Basic Communications Procedures for ES Operations
L-0002Perform radio operating procedures
L-0003Employ appropriate radio frequencies repeaters
L-0101Inspect a vehicle
O-0201Use a compass
O-0205Locate a point on a map using the CAP Grid System
O-0214Determine and plot an azimuth on a map
O-0218Locate own position on a map using terrain association
O-0220Move from point to point in a vehicle using a map
O-0301Determine distress beacon bearing
O-0302Locate a distress beacon
O-0303Deactivate a distress beacon
O-0304Triangulate on a distress beacon signal
O-0420Perform an Airfield Search (Ramp check)
P-0101Demonstrate the ability to keep a log
ICUTIntroductory Communications User Training (ICUT training is in AXIS LMS)

Exercise Participation (Serve on two UDF sorties, record mission number):

Urban Direction Finding Team Member - Sortie #1 - Mission #: ____________ / Date: ___________
Urban Direction Finding Team Member - Sortie #2 - Mission #: ____________ / Date: ___________

Continuing Education Examination:

CAPT 117 ES Continuing Education Exam - Part 1

Based on 24 May 2004 Ground Team & UDF Task Guide SQTR