Task ID: L-0001


You are a member of the CAP mission staff performing a task in which the use of a radio is necessary.


Properly operate a CAP radio.


Training Outline

  1. From time to time, duties may require the use of a CAP radio. This is not a difficult task, but does require some knowledge of operating procedures and equipment.
  2. You should be able to demonstrate the following skills:
    1. Demonstrate the proper method to contact another station.
    2. Demonstrate knowledge of call signs.
    3. Demonstrate knowledge of basic prowords.
    4. Demonstrate ability to operate basic radio equipment.
    5. Demonstrate knowledge of prohibited practices.
    6. Demonstrate knowledge of National communications policies.
    7. Demonstrate knowledge of local operating practices.
    8. Demonstrate knowledge of region, wing, and local policies.

Additional Information

Additional information is available in CAPR 100-1 Communications, and CAPR 100-3 Radiotelephone Operations.

Evaluation Preparation


The student is provided with a basic radio (volume, squelch, channel controls) and asked to communicate with another station. At least one radio will be needed for this exercise. The pro-words "roger," "over," "out," affirmative," should be used. The exchange should go through several transmissions with questions and answers. Prohibitive practices, such as "chit chat," should be used or discussed.

Brief Student:

The student is at mission base and has been assigned the task of reporting when the director of the local office of emergency management arrives for his/her tour of the facility.


Performance measuresResults
1. Listen before transmittingPass | Fail
2. Demonstrate calling procedure including call signsPass | Fail
3. Demonstrate use/understanding of basic prowordsPass | Fail
4. Demonstrate understanding of radio equipment including finding local repeater/simplexPass | Fail

Student must receive a pass on all performance measures to qualify in this task. If the individual fails any measure, show what was done wrong and how to do it correctly.

Based on CAP SQTR Reference