Flight Line Marshaller SQTR


Task IDDescription
GESGeneral Emergency Services (ES) Test (CAPT 116 in eServices Learning Management System)
Commander Approval for Prerequisites once completed

Familiarization and Preparatory Training

Task IDDescription
O-3001Discuss Flightline Marshallers Responsibilities
O-3002State the Five Flight Line Safety Precautions
O-3003Identify Requirements for Vehicles on the Flightline
O-3004Discuss Flight Line Safety
O-3005Discuss Flight Line Hazards
Commander Approval for Familiarization and Preparatory Training once completed

Advanced Training

Task IDDescription
IS100Incident Command System Course (on-line through FEMA)
IS700Incident Command System Course (on-line through FEMA)
Aircraft Ground Handling (eServices Learning Management System)
L-0001Basic Communications Procedures for ES Operations
O-3006Marshall an Aircraft
O-3007Be a Wing Walker
O-3008Perform Aircraft Startup Procedures
O-3009Perform Aircraft Taxi Procedures
O-3010Perform Aircraft Shutdown and Chocking Procedures
O-3011Tie Down Aircraft
O-3012Demonstrate Proper Ground Safety Observer Techniques
O-3013Demonstrate the Ability to Fuel an Aircraft
O-3014Demonstrate Knowledge of Flight Line Security
ICUTIntroductory Communications User Training (ICUT training is in eServices AXIS LMS)

Exercise Participation (Serve as FLM in two missions, record mission number)

Flight Line Marshaller - Mission #: ____________ / Date: ___________
Flight Line Marshaller - Mission #: ____________ / Date: ___________

Continuing Education Examination:

CAPT 117 ES Continuing Education - Part 2

Based on 11 April 2005 Mission Base Task Guide SQTR