It All Started with a Broken Part For those of you who have not tried 3D printing you might find this interesting and a nudge to find something to try out your hidden skills.
Hangar Heater Controller Here's a cellular controller for turning on the block heater of your aircraft in cold weather before you get to the airport. You can also hook up a thermistor, or other temperature sensor and get feedback in your SMS text.
The Public Square Thing This is a link out to a YouTube video of a 1969 movie of Cleveland Public Square. It was made as part of a high school project. The original was on Super 8 film that had to be synchronized with a record player for the sound track. There was a lot of splicing and film glue involved. Eastman Kodak awarded it a Motion Picture Special Award in their 1969 High School Senior category. The quality is from the original resolution and getting it through a couple generations of video formats.