Stonehenge Model

The Model of Stonehenge

Stonehenge is the perfect thing to bring to a Winter Solstice party. Unfortunately, the Brits wouldn't let me have it for a night. It wouldn't fit in my car anyhow. So I found a suitable replacement on Thingiverse. The 3D model referenced in the parts list is one of the most accurate that you will find. The creator likely used original documents like these to place and size the stones. Of course, no model would be complete without the Heel Stone. The sun sets behind Stonehenge, aligned with this stone at Winter Solstice. At Summer Solstice, it rises over the stone when viewed from Stonehenge. I have a Heel Stone 3D model you can add to the display. A handy information sheet will provide you with enough facts to catch any conversation interested party goer.

The Parts

A handy tool for demonstrating this can be made from some items you may have on a shelf or closet. Here's the parts list:

The Assembly

Just for reference, here's my dimensions:
Diameter of Stonehenge print: 128 mm (About 30 meter central stone circle in reality)
Center of Stonehenge to Heel Stone: 170 mm (About 76 meters if you paced it off)

There are a number of ways to get creative with this model. This will at least get you started.

The Use

One of the more dramatic features is the sun alignment. Take a piece of paper or cardboard and punch a small hole in the center. Attach this to the front of your flashlight. You now have a thin beam of light to illustrate the Winter Solstice sunset. Point the flashlight over the Heel Stone toward Stonehenge to demonstrate the sunset. Reference my Stonehenge Info Sheet. This is now something that you can take to the next Solstice party, and it will fit in your car.