Task ID: P-2003


You are a new member, and are assigned to sign in the resources for the mission.


  1. Understand the resource sign in process at a mission.
  2. Know how to process resources and maintain resource data.


Training Outline

  1. Why do we need to check in resources and what procedures are available? As was outlined in Incident Command System 200 training, it is important that all resources be properly signed into the mission. This is necessary so that the Planning Section can have visibility over the assets available for assignment. It is also necessary to ensure that the member is covered by insurance and so they get verification for participation in the ES specialty.
    1. Automated check in systems: Some Wings utilize automated check in systems such as the Mission Management Utilities (MMU). If an automated system is in use in your Wing, you will need to be trained in its use. This is best done in a training environment outside of a real or training mission. Since automated systems differ in their use and capabilities, details will not be provided here. Arrangements can be made through your Wing Management Information Systems Officer for this type of training.
    2. Manual Check in procedures: Even in Wings where an automated data system is in use, the Mission Staff Assistant (MSA) must understand the manual procedures in the event the automated system becomes unavailable. A Wing may be using the CAP Form 121.
  2. What needs to be checked in and what qualifications need to be verified? Normally the items that the MSA assistant will need to verify at time of check in are limited to membership, Emergency Services (ES) qualifications, and CAP drivers license if driving a CAP vehicle. If an automated system such as the MMU is being used, the computer verifies this information. Should you have any question as the credentials of the individual, contact the Resource Unit Leader or your supervisor. Some Wings may require additional information to be verified at check in.
    1. Membership: Ensure the member has a current membership card or other proof of current membership.
    2. ES Qualifications: Ensure that the member has a current CAP Form 101 and is current for the position they are signing in for. If the member is in training for the position, he/she should have their CAP Form 101T with them.
    3. If the person is driving a CAP vehicle, check to see if he/she and a valid CAP drivers license.

Additional Information

More detailed information on this topic is available in the Incident Command System Curriculum.

Evaluation Preparation


Provide a table and forms to simulate the sign-in location at a mission.

Brief Student:

Brief the student that they are in charge of the sign in process and represent yourself as several different members to sign in.


Performance measuresResults
Did the student check the correct credentials?Pass | Fail
Did the student correctly sign in the aircraft and vehicles?Pass | Fail

Student must receive a pass on all performance measures to qualify in this task. If the individual fails any measure, show what was done wrong and how to do it correctly.

Based on CAP SQTR Reference